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For teenagers

Losing It
Losing It

About Losing It
To avoid Losing It in the bushes with some random guy in a heavy-metal T-shirt after too many tequila shots, four best friends make a bet: to lose it before schoolies week – and preferably in a romantic, sober way that they won't regret.

What follows is a sometimes funny, sometimes awkward, but always compelling comedy of errors as Abby, Mala, Bree and Zoe each try to find their Mr Right . . . or at least get laid.

A hilarious and thought-provoking novel by the award-winning author of Bye, Beautiful and The Push.

The Push
The Push
2008, Penguin

About The Push
'Is she - was she with Johnno?' said Erica.

'It doesn't work like that,' Trish said. 'Not like boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, as I've been trying to tell you. It's more - fluid.'

Erica is restless for a life outside her office job, her boring boyfriend and her mother's tiny house in down-and-out Glebe.

In the 1950s, Sydney is quickly building a reputation for sinfulness, and some of the most attractively sinful people are to be found in a group known as the Push. They meet regularly to discuss their wicked ideas at the Royal George, and Erica is drawn into the captivating crowd.

Bye, Beautiful
Bye, Beautiful
2006, Penguin

About Bye, Beautiful
Bye, Beautiful is a town and family drama about a policeman's family in the 1960s, set in a wheatbelt town. It centres on the story of socially awkward fourteen-year-old Sandy and her confident older sister, Marianne. When their policeman father is transferred to a small town, both sisters soon find themselves irresistibly drawn to Billy, the town heartthrob, a part-Aboriginal apprentice mechanic. Despite a previous engagement to a man in Perth, and the warnings of those around her, Marianne takes the attraction one step further and, for the era, one step too far...

Suburban Freak Show
Suburban Freak Show
2006, Lothian

About Suburban Freak Show:
Suburban Freak Show is a marvellously witty tale about Jay, a deeply cynical, delightfully disturbed girl stuck in the suburbs with a fanatical greenie. It's going to take more then a massive IQ to save Jay from a first-year university experience that includes nuts, dimwits and extreme headbangers!

Bad Bad Thing
Bad Bad Thing
2005, Lothian

About Bad, Bad Thing
Bad, Bad Thing is the coming-of-age story of Seb, a high-spirited, witty fourteen-year-old who finds herself bored with home, school, and her best friend, Lavinia. Seb is the neighbour of sixteen-year-old Alex, who is likeable, relaxed, sporty and good-looking. His only problem, according to Seb, is his taste in girlfriends. He's just dumped Bonnie (the Queen of Upper School and Lavinia's sister), to go out with Rachel. Bonnie is feared throughout the school for her nastiness, and when Seb gets caught up in Bonnie's plans for revenge on Rachel, the consequences are far, far worse than she ever could have imagined.

Skating the Edge
Skating the Edge
2002, Fremantle Arts Centre Press

About Skating the Edge
When Caitlin finds herself in Bayview Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital, she wonders if she's finally found home. With Jay, Charlie, Libby and the beautiful Anna, she feels as if she belongs. But she doesn't realise until it's too late that there is more to some of her fellow residents than meets the eye.


2001, Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Obsession won the 2001 WA Premier's Prize for Young Adult Writing

About Obsession
Charlie is fifteen. She's just moved to a new school and nothing is going right. She's hanging around with a girl she can't stand, her mother is a grief-stricken, wine-sodden mess, and she has no one to talk to except the pages of her diary. Everything seems hopeless. And then she meets Kate.

Kate is sixteen, she's a singer, and she's wonderful. She's everything Charlie isn't, and she makes Charlie's life seem bearable. But when Kate announces she's leaving, Charlie is desperate. Desperate enough to do anything - anything - to get Kate to stay.

For younger readers

Chess Nuts
Chess Nuts!

Jackson is sporty and popular.

Anna doesn't like the sporty, popular people.

So when Jackson joins the chess squad, Anna does not initially welcome him. But Anna is about to learn some things about friendship, chess and physical fitness.

Aussie Chomp

Sophie Callender wants to be famous so badly! When she is chosen for the hit TV game-show, MegaMatch, it looks as if her dream may come true.

But is being famous as good as it seems?

The Girl Who Fell Into A Book
The Girl Who Fell Into A Book
2006, Penguin

About The Girl Who Fell Into A Book
Can you really get lost in a book? Annie is about to find out! The Girl Who Fell Into A Book is a fairy story with a difference.

Loz and Al
Loz and Al

2004, Fremantle Arts Centre Press

About Loz and Al
It's a proven fact that everyone in the world wants to be famous. Even Alice,who would rather eat Brussels sprouts than buy an Avril Lavigne single, admits that being famous would be cool. So the Teen Queens are out to make the big time. Okay, so the name isn't too great - especially since none of us are actually teenagers yet - but we're working on it. Alice looks a bit like Christina would have looked when she was twelve and I have the same colour eyes as Kylie, so we're definitely on the right track. Right? Right.

Except that all of a sudden, nothing in Loz's life is going right. So what do you do when your mum leaves home, your teacher is determined to make your life miserable, and your best friend hates you and you don't even know why? Loz finds surprising solutions in unexpected places, and discovers that things have a way of working out in the end when your heart's in the right place.


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